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Payment Policy

We accept Paypal payments / e-cheque.

Paypal offers a very convenient and secure way to make instant payments online. It requires no charges from the buyer’s end.  Customers can register easily at www.paypal.com.  Upon registration, customers shall link a funding source (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, etc) to their paypal accounts.  Paypal supports nearly all types of cards.  Customers shall also set up a shipping address in “Profile” at the same time.

After we have got an order request from customer, we will issue a Papal invoice to his/her email address.  If the contact email address is different from the one he/she uses to operate his/her paypal account, he/she shall specify in the order form, and we will redirect the invoice afterwards.

Our invoices will be sent from “cathy_lui@yahoo.com” under a merchant name “retailhkg”.  Full payment must be made before production starts.

Since we ship to the shipping address provided by Paypal only, customers shall ensure the address information in the “Profile” is accurate, and double check if the appropriate shipping address is shown on the checkout screen when they are about to initiate payments.

The currency used throughout this site is US dollar.  US dollar is the primary currency of transaction.  We might also accept HK dollars, Pounds sterling, Euros upon request.  The exchange rate will be based on the rate of the request date.

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