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Our Stone Decoration

Many years ago, ballroom dance gowns were widely decorated with Korean stones.  SS20 was the most common and fundamental size being used.  Dancers also used Swarovski crystals to decorate their gowns during high-level competitions.  As time went on, Korean stones faded out, because rhinestones of better quality and cheaper cost had been developed and widely used.  We call them “Middle East stones”

By calling them “Middle East stones”, it does not mean that they are manufactured in the Middle East countries, then imported to the Chinese market.  They are actually made in China, and has very fine and similar quality which could be compared with the Czech, Austrian crystals (i.e. Swarovski crystals are one of the Austrian crystals).

We are using Middle East stones as the default stone decoration for all of our gowns. We also provide Swarovski gowns upon request and at extra cost.

Characteristics of the Middle East stones


1. Middle East stones have 10 well-defined facets with sharp edges to reflect spotlight effectively (Swarovski crystals have 14).


2. Middle East stones have smooth surfaces, the light will not scatter, and hense allow more sparkles.

3. Middle East AB gives out rainbow colors too.

4. Middle East stones are available in many colors and sizes.  Nevertheless, ballroom dance gowns are mostly decorated with SS16, SS20, SS30, SS40 and SS50.  (IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please kindly note that there might be color variance due to different production lots from time to time, as well as the difference among different screen display)

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please kindly note that there might be minor inaccuracy in the sizes among different production lots from time to time)


5. Middle East stones have the same packaging as the Swarovski counterparts:
i.e. 1 package = 10 grosses = 1,440 pieces
Loose packs are also available upon request.

6. The Middle East stones we use are all hot-fix, which are very user-friendly.  Customers can also decorate their own gowns easily with a steam iron.

7. Middle East stones are more affordable than Swarovski crystals.

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